Laminate Floor Repair by Laminate Restoration

Laminate flooring is the number one flooring in the UK and why wouldn’t it be? Solid wood flooring is seen as a great investment with them lasting for many years and although laminate is not a long term investment, they do provide a similar, good value product without the cost. However, figures now show that 60% of households wish to change their flooring as their laminate flooring has become dull, chipped and stained.

Laminate Floor

You might not think there is any technology involved in laminate floor restoration however you would be surprised at the service provided by many laminate floor repair companies. We were particularly impressed recently when we hired the services of Laminate Restoration UK and the LamanatorPlus floor repair system. Surprisingly, the treatment took less than an hour and the specialist kit I received had the floors looking cleaner and richer in colour.

Most floor cleaning products require you to take time to read and re-read instructions but LamanatorPlus was so simple to understand with 3 different bottles and 3 steps to use them. Step one is the LamanatorPlus Deep Scrub which starts by removing all the dirt from your floor. The next step is with the LamanatorPlus Restorer, which are the name says, helps to restore your floor by covering up any minor scuffs and scratches and leaving the floor with a hard finish and a brand new look. And then finally the third and optional step of the LamanatorPlus Buff Dry and Revitaliser which can be used on a daily basis to maintain a brilliant shine, regardless of whether or not you have followed steps one and two!

I would definitely recommended this product to anyone and suggest they buy all three bottles because the  LamanatorPlus Buff Dry and Revitaliser really helps to maintain the ‘brand new flooring’ look we all hope to achieve. Not only is it good for flooring but I found it is effective for cleaning other areas such as tiles, kitchen tiles, just about anything!

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